About Us

Building Homes

Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity is a private non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry that builds homes in partnership with qualified low-income families in the Yakima Valley. Habitat for Humanity is a home ownership program in which families purchase homes at no profit through interest-free mortgages we provide.

Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity does not build homes for families; rather, it builds alongside those who demonstrate need and willingness to partner with Habitat. Homeowner families invest 500 hours of "sweat equity" labor into the houses. Their monthly mortgage goes into a revolving fund for Humanity to help fund the construction of more houses in the Yakima Valley. Through this approach, Habitat gives partner families a hand up, not a hand out, restoring the dignity that poverty can strip away.

Changing Lives

Habitat work sites are places to build relationships as well as houses. Modeled on biblical principles, Habitat's self-help solution to the blight of substandard housing is popular with people from many political, professional, ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is the essence of Habitat's "Theology of the Hammer," which invites diverse individuals to find common ground in using a hammer and sharing a goal.

In freeing families from the unending struggles that accompany inadequate shelter, Habitat houses open the door to increased self-esteem and self-reliance. In turn, families can devote more attention to job opportunities, education and health. As the cycle of poverty is broken, their children benefit, their neighborhoods change for the better, and entire communities improve.

Helping Out

Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity depends on volunteers - the driving force behind the organization - those who contribute a day, a week or a few months to give Habitat's vision a tangible form. Volunteers join with the future homeowner families, providing virtually all of the house building labor as well as administrative and office support.

Individuals, churches, civic organizations and businesses that support Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity's mission also provide tax-deductible donations of money, land and materials that make the work possible.

Thanks to dedicated and generous supporters, Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity is making a difference in the Valley.